Many of us buy shoes online, but in many cases it can get disappointing. Sometimes the pair that arrives doesn’t meet your expectations in the way they appear, or may even not be a good fit.

With many people having faced such a situation at least once (even the luckier ones need to know), here is some advice for those of you looking to make a shoe purchase on online at websites like eBay or Amazon, to have a great bargain and most importantly gain a positive shopping experience!

To help you make the right choice including the right shoe size when shopping online, check below 9 useful tips the will help you make the right decision.

9 Tips to make the right shoe choice when shopping online

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Tips to make the right shoe choice when shopping online

1. Add them to your watch list

Always first add the product you’re interested about to your watch list on eBay or wish list on Amazon.

2. Research and read reviews

Visit the shoe store of the brand and read reviews of the product that are available. Check out the current market price of that specific style/brand. Research and find out what “real” users have to say about the shoe. To know better, dig deeper into user comments and find out what they had to say about the shoe size – whether they received it smaller in size or larger.

3. Look up the seller’s feedback

To understand the fit of the shoes better, discover more about the feedback they received for the shoes sold in the past. As many eBay sellers do not take returns or even if they do, you may have to bear the cost of shipment both ways. Also, additional charges may apply. Hence, making an informed purchase early on can save you some money and not to mention the harassment of dealing with exchanges/replacements.

4. Visit a local shoe store

Prior to making your bid based on user reviews only, one top tip is to pay a visit to a store nearby that stocks the listing. Check out the shoe style; touch it and try it on to experience the fit in person. Also, know how much the store price is of the shoe.

In fact, you might even land up buying the same pair at a clearance store near you. Compare the price of the shoe on eBay or Amazon and at the local store and see which one is a better deal. Don’t forget to add the shipping costs for the shoes!

5. Be the trendy you!

On your trip to the local shoe store, you may learn that the product you saw on eBay is a last year’s model. You may learn that the manufacturer has updated the style in their latest range. Being the trendy you who prefer to keep up with the top fashion statements, you may decide to wait for the stock clearance at the store. But, if you don’t mind flaunting a pair from the previous year’s model. Then you can surely same some money on eBay when buying new shoes.

6. Try products from the brand

If you cannot find the style of shoes that you saw and liked on Amazon or eBay at your local shoe shop, then you can simply try on the other products in the line. This will give you a fair idea about the fit and comfort level that you can expect with their styles. One benefit of visiting the brands’ local store is that you can try their products, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to buy it as well.

7. Get knowledgeable with shoe sizing

The most important aspect of buying shoes online is to understand the sizing that’ll fit you properly. For this, you can check the Shoe Sizes Conversion Charts or visit the brand’s website and download their shoe size chart for free. Measure your foot to make a better purchase.

The sizing might differ from the same product that you may have found at your local store. Compare the difference in size (if any) and make a good choice by ordering your perfect size. Many satisfied buyers on eBay have got a better deal on price and fit that they may not have obtained at the neighborhood shoe store.

8. Ask the seller

The best and probably the most convincing of all factors is to ask the seller about the proper shoe measurements. Share your foot measurements that’ll be just appropriate for the vendor to help you out.

9. Know the seller’s return policy

Always note if there’s a return policy. Always. Even if there’s no such policy on the brand of products you’re looking to buy on eBay, you may discuss with the seller to allow you to make a return if the product doesn’t fit right. However, you will most likely may not get your shipping costs refunded by vendors on eBay.

Knowing these tips will help you make a better choice of products and remain informed whenever shoe shopping on the website!